Chronic Parenting

Stories From Navigating Parenthood & Fibromyalgia

When Fibro Hurts My Kids

Today is Fibro Awareness Day and tomorrow is Mother's Day. My sweet 8-year-old ran her very first 5k today. Without me. I used to hate running more than anything. When I decided to turn my health around, I taught and... Continue Reading →


Our Time to Scream: Fibro Awareness Month!

This is our month, guys! Our time to speak up and cry out, to make people hear our pain. No more hiding it. No more pretending. Your pain is real and valid. Your pain matters. Too often, we silence ourselves.... Continue Reading →

Baby Fever vs. Fibromyalgia

When I had my first daughter, my fibromyalgia was still in the early stages. My second pregnancy brought on some of the worst pain I’ve experienced and it’s still with me. I had to sleep sitting straight up on the... Continue Reading →

Confessions of Butterflies is published!

My brand-new book is finally available on Amazon! Click here to download the ebook now! Paperback is on it's way! Confessions of Butterflies draws the curtain back on life with chronic pain from a younger perspective. It is the first... Continue Reading →

When Mommy Just Can’t – Explaining Pain To Your Kids

"Mommy, why don't we go running anymore?" My daughter's words hit me like a brick. (Or a cotton ball, which would have the same effect thanks to fibromyalgia.)  I had stopped jogging, something we often did together, with no explanation.... Continue Reading →

My Hidden Truth

This pretty photo you see above is me on a "good" day. This one is me at my worst. This photo reveals my hidden truth. We work so hard to keep our pain and illness invisible. We go about our... Continue Reading →

Sneak Peek! Confessions of Butterflies

I am working furiously on putting "our" book; Confessions of Butterflies, together, and wanted to share an excerpt with you. I call it "our" book because so many people have contributed directly and indirectly and I find comfort and inspiration in... Continue Reading →

How To Cure Fibromyalgia (According To the Experts)

Managing chronic pain can be exhausting and at times feel hopeless. Doctor after doctor, specialists, varying treatment plans and medications, can make the process feel daunting. At times I just want to scream with frustration, especially when something I thought... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

I'm bringing my blog back here to WordPress after trying life out on another site. I have to say, I much prefer this. While I was gone, I had a few more essays published on theMighty. Until I can get... Continue Reading →

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